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Eliana is the new hope of italian rock blues. A strong singer and a crafty guitarist, one of the rare real front women of the italian scene.
She plays a flavor of rock blues with a bit of everything in between: electric funk, mixed with pop and jazzy instrumentals, raw rock, tight blues grooves, illuminated by her skills as an electric guitarist.

This album showcasing a well-rounded blues musician and vocalist

Electric Woman is a high quality debut, full of feminine guile and secretive angst, the young tortured soul but one who oozes confidence at every turn and plays Blues guitar as if she is on a mission to be considered the best that Europe might provide, there is a way to go but this album is a great start.

Ian D. Hall – Liverpool Sound and Vision

You can buy Eliana’s First CD “Love Affairs” here : BUY THE 1 CD!

You can buy Eliana’s Second CD “Electric Woman” here : BUY THE 2 CD!

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